Our Story

Nature4MulaTM started with a personal effort to eliminate plastic use in everyday life: single-use plastic bag and plastic wraps. Our short-term goal is to live a healthier lifestyle. Our long-term goal is to create a healthier environment for the future generations. We started the journey from within ourselves by reducing the use of plastic items and reusing existing things for different purposes.

With strong passion for handmade, our first eco-friendly alternative was a crochet market bag. We tested the yarns and customized different sizes to ensure the bag serves a variety of purposes. Our crochet bag eliminates the need for a single-use plastic bag and is perfect for any type of occasion.

We crocheted one thing after another to replace any worn-out plastic items. Before we even realized, we filled our home with crocheted items. Dish scrubbers. Facial pads. Bath poufs. Coasters. Phone cases. Covers and cases for electronic devices. Cardholders. Pen case. Bottle holder. And coffee mug cover.

To replace single-use plastic wraps, we infused 100% cotton fabric with locally harvested beeswax and natural coconut oil to make reusable food wraps. We tested on leftover cotton fabric for several months until we developed a perfect mixture of natural beeswax and coconut oil. Our beeswax wrap has a nicer soothing scent and stick well on any kind of food containers. Not only reducing the use of plastic wraps, antimicrobial beeswax and breathable cotton fabric help keep food fresh longer.

We embrace beeswax, coconut, bamboo, cotton and compostable paper and reduce the need for plastic and non-biodegradable materials and maintain a non-toxic home. We dedicate to source natural ingredients and create each product with great care. With our handmade products, you will find your zero-waste journey filled with joy and excitement.

“When we heal the earth, we heal ourselves.”

-David W. Orr