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Why Do We Need to be Environmentally Conscious?

With many businesses making it easier for people to become eco friendly, the push to be more environmentally conscious has continued to grow. It is not only our moral obligation to keep the environment clean, but also for our own good. But, the major issue is that people who have little interest in going green don’t know what to do to make a difference.

Simply put, we need to prepare ourselves, know what actions to do, and what things to avoid.

So, what does it mean to be environmentally conscious?

There is no fix definition for being environmentally conscious – it is different for different people because it is a broad term that defines many various behaviors, laws, and guidelines that help in reducing or minimizing environmental harm. Here are some most common terms for environmentally conscious:

  • Going green and living green
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Natural and nature-friendly
  • Eco-conscious and eco-friendly

On a personal level, being environmentally conscious can mean changing your eating habits, way of doing and using things, way of disposing of items, or supporting businesses who are working to make our environment green.

If you love your mother earth and want to do everything possible to make it eco-friendly, here are some things you can do to become environmentally conscious:

Say NO to Paper Calendars

sustainable living nature4mula beeswax wrap foodwrap zero-waste eco-friendly

There are lots of people who rely on post-it notes, newspaper, and paper to-do lists. If you are also one of them, you should avoid using these things. You can download a mobile app for to-do lists and read news online on your tablet to significantly reduce the amount of paper your use.

Reuse Bottles

According to a report, 80% of water bottles are not recycled, piled up in the junkyard and are very wasteful. In fact, to make one disposable water bottle, we use about three times the amount of water that is actually needle. What one should do is reuse them in some way than disposing of.

Shop Locally Whenever Possible

sustainable living nature4mula beeswax wrap foodwrap zero-waste eco-friendly

Local shopping supports the farmers in your community. This is an environmentally friendly way to save money and resources otherwise needed for packaging and shipping products. If you start doing this, you will also be encouraging others to do the same.

Ditch Single-use Plastic

Single-use plastics such as wraps, disposable straws and shopping bags are harmful to our environment. They are not biodegradable and release chemical fillers when they melt down. You can use beeswax wraps as an alternative to single-use plastic wraps to promote a healthier environment.

Plant As Many Trees As You Can

sustainable living nature4mula beeswax wrap foodwrap zero-waste eco-friendly

Planting trees is not only the community members’ responsibility, but also as a human being, it is yours too. Trees are being destroyed because of city growth and housing. Thus, planting them can help us give oxygen, clean the air, contribute to the prevention of soil erosion, and provide a home to wildlife.

Final Verdict

We can become environmentally conscious by educating ourselves as it is a continuous learning process. We should learn all the different ways that are negatively affecting the earth and reduce our carbon print. Being an environmentally friendly person, you should also educate others and avoid everything that harms society, ensuring that the next generations could breathe in a healthy and peaceful environment.  

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Beeswax: Benefits & Uses

Beeswax is naturally secreted and generated by honey bees. It is a product that is derived directly from the honeycomb and has the aroma of honey. Bees ingest about eight times as much honey and travel 150,000 miles to create just one pound of beeswax, which is usually available in yellow, white, or bleached. Yellow beeswax directly comes from the honeycomb while bleached or white is derived from yellow beeswax.

From aromatherapy, cosmetics to medicinal applications, beeswax plays a vital role that we will briefly discuss in this article. Let’s get started!

Amazing Uses of Beeswax


Beeswax Aromatherapy from LayzeeBee

Beeswax burns slow, clean, and smoke-less, exuding the aroma of honey. Comparatively, beeswax produces brighter flames, helps eliminate airborne pollutants and promote overall physical and mental health. Indeed, it is a great product to use for aromatherapy.


Burt’s Bee – True to Nature selections

Beeswax is used in lotion bars, lip balms, and anti-aging products because of its numerous benefits. It conditions, soothes, hydrates, and calms the skin. Anti-aging products containing beeswax can help repair skin damage, promote skin’s regeneration, diminish the signs of aging, and soothes any kind of irritation. It acts as a long-lasting shield against environmental pollutants.


Natural Medicine

Medically, beeswax is also known for its several uses and benefits. It doesn’t only prevent harmful bacteria from entering the body through broken skin but also provide a layer of protection against external irritants on your skin. If you or anyone you know suffer from topical allergies or skin ailments like rosacea or eczema, beeswax can be used as a healing product.

Homemade Deodorant

Homemade Beeswax Deodorant from Organic Beauty Recipes

If you like doing DIY projects at home, you should definitely try making homemade deodorant with beeswax as an ingredient. It helps form a protective moisture barrier and avoid sweat stains on clothes without using any harmful chemicals.

Beeswax Candles

Beeswax Candles from True Wild Botanics

Ditch scented candles or air fresheners and switch to beeswax candles – you will love them! They are easy and fun to DIY, provide several health benefits and make great homemade gifts for people who are important in your life.

Baby Products

Baby Skin Softener

As beeswax has properties that heal damaged or broken skin, it works great as an ingredient in baby products as well. Babies have a sensitive skin that can be damaged by harmful chemical products, so what you can do is use beeswax in diaper rash cream as a thickener to provide a protective barrier for the skin while helping other active ingredients of the cream stay on the skin, in order to have a greater effect.

Other Uses:

  • Soothes cracked heels
  • Cold and flu relief
  • Can be used to make reusable, eco-friendly food wraps
  • Reduces pain, bleeding, and itching

Benefits of Beeswax

  • Helps your skin breathe while still providing a strong, protective barrier against environmental toxins and irritants.
  • Helps thicken homemade cosmetics as it has a high melting point (147°F) and remains solid at room temperature. It works great in recipes that include high amounts of coconut oil because it has a low melting point and is liquid at room temperature.
  • Beeswax has Vitamin A that helps improve hydration to the skin and promote cell regeneration.
  • Beeswax is a much safer, more effective, and an exceptional alternative to mineral oil that has all the benefits and more of mineral oil.

There are lots of uses and benefits of beeswax. You can also use beeswax wraps as an alternative to eco-unfriendly, single-use plastic wraps to promote a green environment. Live healthy!

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Sustainable Living: Creating A Healthier & More Eco-Friendly Lifestyle

sustainable living nature4mula beeswax wrap foodwrap zero-waste eco-friendly

Ending plastic pollution is not an impossible goal. In fact, we are moving closer and closer to an (almost) entirely zero waste society. Every day products that were previously only produced from plastic material are now being made using various eco-friendly products.

Many people do not realize that plastic can take hundreds of years, even close to 1,000 years in some cases, to completely break down. In the degrading process, plastic releases toxic chemicals that not only harm the environment, but can also be dangerous to human health. What goes into the environment affects not only plants and animals, but us too! In addition to the harm plastic does to humans, sea birds and marine animals are killed every years, in amounts exceeding hundreds of thousands. This is a sad reality that we cannot ignore, as it is each of our responsibility to do our part to take care of our planet.

You can commit to doing your part by trying to support companies that make products that are biodegradable/reusable or made from recycled products. Nature4MulaTM is committed to taking part in the important initiative to make sustainable living a reality for everyone. All it takes is making a few small changes to your every day life and before you know it, you will be using and appreciating these products, wondering why it took you so long to make the switch!

One product that makes food storage not only effective and easy, but is also eco-friendly is beeswax food wrap. Reusable beeswax food wrap is a chemical-free, unpasteurized, and 100% cotton fabric product that will help you replace plastic food storage for good! Our food grade beeswax wrap is made with organic coconut oil, which gives the product a natural and pleasant scent. This also makes our product an organic beeswax food wrap due to the ingredients used, including natural beeswax produced and imported directly from a farm in Dak Lak province, Vietnam.

Think of all the food items you can store and keep fresh with our eco wrap beeswax. We have a full line of reusable beeswax foodwrap products including our best-selling beeswax wrap roll, a unique beeswax wrapping paper, and even a beeswax sandwich wrap to keep your lunch fresh on picnics or when taking meals to work.

Visit our product collection site for more ideas on how you can use our products and even have fun in the process of wrapping and storing your food items. We have gotten creative too and found dozens of ways to incorporate beeswax food wrap in our kitchens and homes. Let’s work together to end plastic pollution and support sustainable and eco-friendly living.

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How to refresh your beeswax wraps?

When you use your beeswax wraps for some time and the beeswax starts coming off, there is an easy way to make it good again and looks as new.
This is how the beeswax wrap looks like after one year.

beeswax wrap foodwrap nature4mula handmade natural organic

If you have bought our special assorted set of 4 wraps, you will find a signature beeswax blend (100% handmade and blended with natural beeswax, organic coconut oil and tree resin) enclosed in your order. 

beeswax wrap foodwrap nature4mula handmade organic natural zero-waste eco-friendly

If not, you can order our signature beeswax blend from here for only $1.99. Our signature beeswax blend (45g, 5x5cm each) is enough to refresh 4 pieces of your beeswax wrap (from small to extra large size). 

To revive your beeswax wrap, you will need:

– Some extra beeswax 

– Baking paper sheets (one per wrap) 

– A spare grater for the beeswax block 

– An oven tray – An oven preheated to a low heat (about 100 Celsius degree) 

– A flat surface to work on (tilted surfaces will cause uneven beeswax distribution!) 

– A place to hang your beeswax wraps 

– An old cookie sheet (optional)


1. Pre-heat the oven to 100 Celsius degree before beginning the process. 

2. Grate the attached beeswax into a small bowl. 

3. Place your cotton wrap on a baking tray or oven tray and sparsely sprinkle the grated beeswax over the top, all the way to the edges. Less is more – if the wax is too thick, the cloth will not be able to absorb it all. 

4. Place the tray in your warm oven and remove as soon as the grated wax has melted, about 2-3 minutes. Use a paintbrush to ensure the whole cloth is covered with the melted wax. There is no need to turn the wrap over as the blend will melt through the fabric, effectively waxing both sides. 

5. Pick up the wax-covered wrap and peg it on a line until cool and dry. Repeat, repeat and repeat until you have used all your wax. If there is excess wax on the baking tray, just press the next cloth into it to absorb it, and reduce the amount of grated wax you add. 

6. Once it’s cool – about 1 minute – your Nature4MulaTM wraps will be ready to use and look shiny and new!Refreshing your beeswax wrap this way is very simple and makes your wrap truly sustainable and reusable for a very long time.


beeswax wrap foodwrap nature4mula handmade natural organic
beeswax wrap foodwrap nature4mula handmade natural organic

If your Nature4MulaTM fabric is in an awkward stage between waxed and worn out, it can still be used as a handy (and lightly water resistant) cloth for other things, such as presenting or wrapping flowers and herbs, rolling out your baking dough and even storage for items when travelling (such as soap or toothbrush)!


beeswax foodwrap wrap natural organic reusable zero-waste eco-friendly
beeswax wrap foodwrap nature4mula natural organic zero-waste eco-friendly
beeswax wrap foodwrap zero-waste eco-friendly zero-waste eco-friendly

Should you have any questions about our Nature4MulaTM beeswax wraps, please contact us at or send us a message via Facebook.